About Me


Hi, I’m Misty! And my passion is to assist others in learning to love their self through nutrition, exercise and self care practices.

After spending the majority of my life being active, dancing for 12 years and competing for 3, I realized that being an athlete requires proper nutrition and I didn’t know how to eat properly! When I stopped dancing, my eating habits remained the same as when I had been dancing 18 hours a week, therefore I gained a lot of weight. I felt stuck in an unhealthy pattern for many years and it wasn’t until after my second child that I decided to make a change and started taking care of myself.

I joined a gym, got active and started eating healthy. I took my time so I could lose weight the right way and within three years I lost 52 pounds. I never once used magic pills or fad diets, it was hard work and dedication that provided the results I wanted to see.

Along the way I became a Group Fitness Instructor and was able to assist hundreds of members in reaching their fitness goals. I am often asked what I am doing to get back in shape as I continued to change before their eyes. This noticeable change in myself and the questions asked by others as to what I was doing is what inspired me to become a health coach.

In addition to being a health coach, I am a 200 hour registered yoga instructor and barre certified. I live a busy life between teaching, coaching, yoga, being a mom, and my kids activities. I am always on the go but one thing is certain, I put my health first and I am here to help you do the same.  I can’t take care of anyone If I don’t take care of myself and neither can you.

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